Facts about Saudi Arabia

Factual statements about Saudi Arabia

The world is a broad place, where we can find incredible sites that may surprise us. A nation that surprises us a whole lot today is certainly Saudi Arabia because, despite getting well known in the globe, it remained closed to public visits. But, for quite a while now, the country reopened its doorways, allowing the globe to understand this region again, with so many secrets inside. Actually, there are several curious factual statements about this nation. Therefore today we will tell you some facts about Saudi Arabia.


Camels are a significant area of the lifestyle of peoples near desert areas, and the case of Saudi Arabia is no exception. The particular camel species of the section of ​​the world, the dromedary, with only 1 hump, continues to be a highly appreciated means of transportation even today, however it can be a delicacy in certain areas in Saudi Arabia, where in fact the consumption of dairy and camel meat is normal. Such is the need for this animal that it is estimated that at least 100 camels can be purchased each day in the city of Riyadh, capital of the Saudi Kingdom.

A kingdom

Saudi Arabia is usually a kingdom, being its formal name “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” or KSA and for that reason it has a King, who also keeps the title of “Custodian of the two holy mosques” in mention of the two sacred sites that are located within Saudi Arabia, which are the cities of Medina and Mecca, the main in the Islamic faith.
The country owes its name to Abdelaziz Bin Saud, first ruler, whose dynasty remains even today. It’s the only Arab country in which elections never have been held since its foundation and all the kings have already been the sons of Abdelaziz Bin Saud. Alternatively, the country does not have a constitution but can be governed by the laws of the Shunnah and the Koran.

Religion in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia the predominant religion is the Islam, being almost all its inhabitants practicing this religion. In Saudi Arabia the majority of the inhabitants is in the Wahhabi branch, which is one of the most traditional branches of Islam. Since the majority of the population professes this religious beliefs and the country is normally governed by these mandates, things such as consuming alcoholic beverages or pork are prohibited.
On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia will be the two most important cities of Islam, that are Mecca and Medina, house to the main mosques in the globe. Such may be the need for these metropolitan areas that Islam motivates visiting Mecca at least one time in their lives. But regrettably these sacred cities can only be entered by Muslims.

You can travel to Saudi Arabia

As we said in the beginning, recently, the country continues to be opened to guests, because before it was practically impossible to secure a visa to visit this place. Luckily, today you can also apply for an eVisa or Electronic visa , making the procedure of going to this amazing place easy.
And, realizing that it is such an incredible place and that it’s easy to secure a visa to go to it, we hope that these information have woken up your curiosity.

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